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Watling Ward

Trudi Kleanthous

Trudi has lived in South West Dunstable for five years with her husband and youngest son. She says, “I feel privileged to live in a town that has so much to offer, especially the easy access to our beautiful countryside”. Trudi feels passionately about Dunstable and she is keen to be a part of building a more positive future for the town and its residents. She believes that the Labour Party have the vision and energy to deliver this. Trudi’s career has mainly been focused on social housing, and she is involved in several initiatives locally to help those most in need of support. She says, “it saddens me that we still have so many vulnerable people who do not have access to decent housing, financial support and medical services to meet their needs.

John Slough

John was born and educated in Dunstable. Being a qualified teacher, he’s concerned about the spending squeeze on schools and what measures have needed to be taken as a consequence. He believes that inevitably we will see fewer Teaching Assistants in classrooms which will affect children’s learning in immeasurable ways. He is fully committed to representing your views on the Town Council and will assist with local issues in whichever way is possible.

John Raymond

Having lived in Dunstable for 25 years, John has previously represented people in Icknield and Priory wards in the District Council. John chaired Bedfordshire Sports Council and was vice chair of Direct Services Board and worked on Regeneration of Towns and cities throughout the UK. One city, Liverpool, obtained the European city of Culture.

Lesley Homer

A retired headteacher, Lesley enjoys her retirement keeping active doing yoga, Tai Chi and lots of walking. She has lived in Dunstable for 50 years and is happily married. Lesley shops locally in Dunstable most of the time and would love to see a more vibrant town. She has recently joined the Friends of Dunstable Cemetery to learn more about local history and to help tidy a few graves.