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Tithe Farm Ward

Martin Kennedy

Martin has lived in Houghton Regis for nearly 40 years and is proud to have brought up his four children here. After his engineering apprenticeship at Bedford Trucks, he served as a firefighter and a police trainer for over 30 years. During this time, he learned many skills that he now wants to give back to the community that supported him in his career. Martin’s focus will be on community safety and making sure his home town gets a fair deal. He benefitted from lifelong learning and will look for others to have similar opportunities.

Abby Slough

Abby is a local Special Educational Needs Teacher, who has lived in Houghton Regis all of her life. She qualified as a Teacher at the University of Hertfordshire. Abby is passionate about the opportunities for local children inside and outside of school. She is keen on sport and music herself and would like to see these opportunities available for everyone in Houghton Regis. As a musician, she realises how important music is for child development. She thinks Houghton Rocks, should provide even more opportunities for local people. The talent is there but needs to be encouraged. After the savage austerity cuts of the last nine years, Abby believes it is more important than ever to support local charities. That is why Abby helped to organise the highly successful fundraiser for Houghton Regis charity – SNOOSC.

Bobby Thomas

Bobby has lived locally for 3 years. Previously living in London Borough, Brent where he served as a councillor for 24 years. He held two surgeries a month and worked with residents to resolve their issues while being a councillor. From across the road, he has learnt to love Houghton Hall park where he jogs regularly. Bobby is a Facilities Manager for a London public authority and commutes daily so understands the challenges of local residents.

Russell McCulloch

Russell is a family man, with four children who has lived in the local area for 23 years. As a gas and oil engineer, Russell would like to see small businesses encouraged to provide more local employment and wealth for the town. Russell understands the challenges that small businesses face and is committed to supporting them.­