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Northfields Ward

Kevin Flint

Kevin has lived in Dunstable for 15 years with his family. During this time, he has seen homelessness increase in our town and will fight for affordable housing for the people of Dunstable. Kevin is committed to ensuring that his three young children have a vibrant and prosperous town to live in. He believes it is vital we invest in local services that will benefit the whole community.

Julian Mockridge

Julian and his family have lived in Dunstable for 12 years. He is currently working for the NHS in Dunstable and he has seen first-hand the effects of national austerity cuts in local social services. He supports vulnerable people in the community and when elected wants to positively challenge the council to improve the local services.


Andrew Harland

Andrew, a retired Civil Servant has lived in the Northfields ward for 27 years.  He now volunteers with the local Good Neighbours Scheme which supports mainly elderly people who are lonely or who need practical help.  He is particularly concerned for those in our community who are homeless, in poor housing, disabled or vulnerable. If elected as a councillor, he would hope to be able to help improve their lives. Following his work as Northfields ward representative for the Labour Party, he is concerned about the lack of amenities in the Frenchs Avenue area. The area has been developed with no thought given to the needs of local residents.

Michelle Henderson

Michelle has lived with her partner and children in the Northfields ward for the last 27 years. Michelle is keen to ensure Dunstable continues to thrive and be a place people of all ages can enjoy living in. She is particularly concerned that street lighting is poorly maintained in the Beecroft area, and can feel unsafe in some roads because of this. Michelle believes that alongside the rise in crime levels in the town, this has led to many people to feel unsafe.

Matthew Brennan

Matt is a caring and committed member of the Dunstable community.  His loyalties lie here as he has lived in Dunstable and its surrounding areas for his whole life.  Now he is even more invested in the town where he lives with his wife and two children.  He works locally as a technical support advisor supporting motor workshops around the country.  Carrying on that Dunstable tradition with the motor industry! He is happy to give his time up to causes that he believes in.  As a qualified mechanic, he can’t help but use his skills to help out people in need.  He may have even helped you if you needed roadside assistance!  A keen baker, he has made impressive cakes and pastries for charity events.  He also plays bass guitar in a band that regularly plays local charity gigs at St. Mary’s Church, West Street.