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Manshead Ward

Louise O’Riordan

Louise already campaigns to help residents in Dunstable and the surrounding areas. Whether this be empowering people to challenge onerous tenancy contracts, consumer rights or providing support to those suffering the consequences of substance abuse. She is concerned about the environment and is keen to discover new ways to improve sustainability in daily life. Louise would like to see an increase in services for people in Dunstable who face difficulties with mental health, the housing crisis and addiction.

Wendy Bater

Wendy has lived in Dunstable for over 25 years and works as a cook at a local company. Wendy would like to be elected as a councillor so she can work to make Dunstable a place to be proud of and bring back a proper market.

Mark Cant

Mark is a local resident who has lived in Dunstable for over 50 years. He is an active member of the local community and a trade union member. If elected to the Manshead ward, Mark will represent the local community on issues that are affecting all of us. Issues such as crime prevention, environment and services. These all have a real effect on the quality of our lives locally, on a daily basis and they need improving.