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Central Ward

Graham Boylan

Graham is a retired Manufacturing Engineer. His career was spent within the aerospace industry and he was a member of the MSF trade union and its predecessors since 1965. During his early childhood he lived in north-west London, his family being supporters of and much affected by the post-war Attlee government. He says, “we were most fortunate to be able to move to the new satellite town of Hemel Hempstead, a brilliant life-changing project”. He and his wife have lived in west Dunstable for 51 years and they have a son, daughter in law and grandchildren in Milton Keynes.

Ian Purvis

Having recently moved to the local area with his family over a year ago, Ian has run his own business since 1990. He previously lived in Leighton Buzzard, where he took a keen interest in local issues, road improvements and the general upkeep of his local area. He is keen to do the same locally and will listen and act on the resident’s concerns.

Bethany Henry

Bethany is an active and passionate resident of Dunstable, who has grown up under the backdrop of austerity and has seen how drastic it has been for the community. She believes in the importance of promoting education as well as providing a diverse range of activities for the youth, which give young people a platform for personal growth and sense of community. Increasingly, these services have been cut and with this comes a real feeling of loss and isolation, leaving people with fewer chances to socialize and learn beyond the confines of our education system.