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Icknield Ward

Marc Windmill

An accountant who was born and raised in Dunstable and has lived here for 24 years. He says “Dunstable used to be a proud working-class town with a great car manufacturing industry. Due to successive governments we have seen the de-industrialisation of our community.” He is a believer in stopping the harm being done to our town, be it austerity, privatisation of our local services or through giving further tax cuts to those who can afford to pay.

Jane Cooper

Jane was born in Houghton Regis and has lived and worked in the Dunstable area and surrounds all of her life. She graduated with a Bachelor of Law Degree with Honours from the University of Luton. Jane then qualified as a Chartered Legal Executive. She now works on a self-employed basis specialising in property law. Jane enjoys travelling, cycling, swimming, kayaking and scuba diving.

Catherine Howes

A retired Post Office counter Manager. She has served on Dunstable Town Council in the past, representing Watling Ward. If elected, one of Catherine’s priorities would be to abandon car parking charges in the town. She believes this would help to revive the town centre.

Michael Rogers

Michael has previously served on Dunstable Town council and in the past has been a district councillor too. He was a school governor of a local school and serves on the committee of a local community centre. Michael also serves on the committee of a local charity – Beecroft Balloon Society.